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The vibe of exploited-woman-bites-back is pretty explicit here.

In a genre that loves girls and guns, Cherry Darling is the ultimate fusion of male lusts.

Ultimately the blunt edges and sharpness of Lane's costume only serve to emphasise her marketable features, and if you like powerful women, you could do a lot worse.

Optional accessories include a twenty-pound helmet, a gun that talks and a bike the size of a tractor.

In an interview with Movies Online, Mc Gowan said: "I was wearing a really heavy grey cast with LED lights, and it wasn't the most high-tech thing, because when Robert wrote it, the technology wasn't there to do it..was quite uncomfortable.

There's a little ball bearing on the heel, because if you were resting on the end of a machine gun leg or a hospital table leg, it would be very small and round and kind of tippy. If you're going to save the world with a machine gun leg, make sure you wear a high heel, at least on one foot.

At this point the stories as to why the space-vixen outfit was ultimately nixed vary from source to source; some contend that Stanley Donen fought the exploitative costume, others that Farrah was not happy with it, as it had never been mentioned at the contract stage.

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