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the long sentence, not the word itself) are new words that can be learnt easily having a Chilean partner.

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I love to read kiddies books to them in English at night and whenever we play, the instructions or whatever are in English.

However, I also learn about things Chileans grew up with when my wife teaches our kids things in Spanish, for instance nursery rhymes and games she was brought up with.

For those that don’t know me, I am from New Zealand and my wife is Chilean.

We got married here in Chile in 2002 though were together about 3 years before that (yes, living together in sin, well according to the strong catholic influence that Chile has, but then, who are they to talk about sinful deeds).

What I have learnt from these cultural differences is that you can take the best of both worlds. Having bicultural children is great My wife and I have two boys.

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