Ursula andress pluto on the ascendant

ursula andress pluto on the ascendant-58

Maybe that is why Cancer is being influenced - by circumstances - more than other signs are.

The astrologer Ram once said Cancer is the sign of 'sucking up emotions'. Cancer keywords: bias, dramatising - acting - , to care, to collect, to nurse, keeping emotions alive.

having your holidays with all of the grown up children)- do efforts to keep history alive (

guarding the family photo album)- being active in the environmental field- honouring family traditions- being a nationalist or supporter- seeing your home as your castle- adapting to your role or part in the play- sometimes being bad humoured and complaining- wanting to keep things simple When a Cancer is not able to show feelings health could cause problems. Both princess Diana and Camilla had/have Sun in Cancer. ): You respond emotionally to your environment and close ones and have a special bound with family/mother.

Interestingly, Thomas Hardy, who wrote Tess, had Uranus at 20° Pisces — exactly on Nastassja Kinski’s Venus.

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