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This time, without Harry (who is presumably still in jail), instead with his new girlfriend Vera (the secondary, later tertiary antagonist) and his mother Molly (the true main antagonist), they plan to kidnap the Prince of the British Royal family and hold him for ransom.

However Kevin ends up crossing paths with Marv again as his dad is dating a rich woman named Natalie, whom the Royal family are due to visit.

Marv ends up arrested again at the end of the film along with his girlfriend and mother. Marv is played by French Stewart, Vera is played by Missi Pyle and Molly is played by Barbara Babcock.

Goals in Home Alone 2: Rob Duncan's Toy Chest and get their revenge on Kevin (both failed).

Marv's Goals in Home Alone 4: Kidnap a prince and get revenge on Kevin Mc Callister (both failed).

He currently splits his time between Paris and New York and is dating ‘All My Children’ actress Jordan Lane Price.

Then: In ‘Home Alone,’ Joe Pesci portrayed gold-toothed burglar Harry, who wanted nothing more than to torture Kevin like he tortured him, blow torch to the head and all.

However, they soon prove to be a very real and deadly threat to Kevin as they are always seen stupidly trying with everything in their power to murder Kevin instead of simply trying to escape. Harry is portrayed by Joe Pesci (who also played Tommy De Vito in Goodfellas and Nicky Santoro in Casino) and Marv is portrayed by Daniel Stern.

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