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And if you don’t take a good breakfast, my friend you will run out of saliva and do a shoddy job,” says Waweru playfully, yet in a boastful manner to our informer.

This lifestyle, he says, is not about to end any time soon, so long as Kenyans are still willing to sympathise and bless him with a few shillings every day.

What’s more, Waweru is married with three children. Our informer reveals Waweru is not needy at all, if the car his wife drives is anything to go by. Surprisingly, Oketch has three well-to-do brothers who support him financially.

Another beggar, Aggrey Oketch, was born with a disability. “One of them is a manager with a reknown Insurance Company in Upper Hill, Nairobi,” explains a watchman who guards an electric shop near a building where he begs from.

One Joseph Waweru, a Nairobi-based beggar, cannot do with a simple breakfast like the majority of Kenyans. Waweru boasts to a tipster who worked with this writer on this report that he starts his day with “a heavy breakfast”.

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