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The “Content” tab allows you to restrict what your kids can see on the internet and on the computer (by hiding ‘profanity’ in the Dictionary – that’s going to be Apple’s call on what’s profane and what’s not, since you have no specific control of what’s visible and what’s hidden).For limiting internet access, you can either select ‘Try to limit access to adult websites automatically’ (the ‘Try’ here is significant and acknowledges how hard this task is), or you can customise access restrictions yourself to always allow or disallow specific sites, or limit which sites are accessible by entering a list of your own choosing.A panel slides down, where you enter details for the new account.

This is a part of their Internet Security Barrier X6.

Let me remind you that I wrote about the previous version of this software a few months ago, and said that I had stopped using it.

The Mail and i Chat tab allows you to set restrictions on who your kids can chat with online, or send and receive email from.

A nice feature is the ability to set an address for permission requests to be sent to, so that you can know when there’s somebody new in your child’s online life, and check out whether you’re happy for them to be in contact with that person.

The next tab lets you set time limits for computer use: Apple’s approach here is quite broad-brush: you can specify the number of hours per day, with separate settings for weekdays and weekends, and you can set bed times, again with an option for a different settings for Monday to Friday and weekends.

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