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Her brown waterproof lipstick smeared lightly on the lips, she began to look like a sweet tooth eats a delicious cake, my hose hardened and grew, he began to pipe.

Natasha liked it, she moaned and stood on the second leg.

As it was I was denied the opportunity to play with other children. True, I had a lot of toys, but over time they are bored. Those first happily accepted me, but then I came up with the game, in which we have to change clothes. When I decided it was time to change back, I drove and long in the back shouted: -Burzhuysky Son! I knew that she was crying and did not want me to see.

When I got home, my mother saw me and began to ask why I was not in their clothes and in rags, which to me are great. By the end of the story the mother sobbed and left.

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