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travis stork is best known as the host of the doctors the daytime talk show that features stork and other medical professionals giving expert advice and answering audience questions.

however 10 years ago stork was looking for love in the city of light as the star of the bachelor .

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Below, a pair of The Hollywood Gossip favorites, Carrie Underwood and Miley Cyrus, show off its latest incarnation – slipping a band on top of their long bangs. Talking about the life-like replica of herself, Carrie Underwood said: "Honestly, it looks so good, it's kind of creepy looking at myself."Travis Stork failed to find love on The Bachelor.

not more than we have against anyone who dates Carrie, that is.

charlotte brown travis lane storks exwife 5 fast facts you need to tte brown married travis stork on 30th jun 2012... storks ex resides in ezodiacoccupationnationalitytravis underwood travis stork.

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