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"Bad idea," he said, "don't shit where you eat."You should take Ventimiglia's word for it, since he's likely speaking from experience.

He previously dated both his castmate Hayden Panettiere. You're not supposed to be with one another."Perhaps this is advice he should also be giving Rory Gilmore before all three of her ex-boyfriends show up back in her life.

He’s for all time been in superb condition and pushed the sport to new levels.

He still executes moves in the cage others just are not capable to do.

Pierre’s girlfriend only because he is so mysterious about it.

As you all probably heard Georges’ girlfriend or former flame is expecting his child, but he doesn’t want her to continue the pregnancy, the identity of this girl has not been revealed, but I’m sure it is just a matter of time until her name is reveal and you will be the first to know, this news was first reported by TMZ..

He can say what he wants, but that’s not going to work.

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