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Silvering is when it appears as if the silver has come to surface of the image.

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Dating postcard stamp boxes

Below is a brief description of the vintage designs.

The use of the term “POST CARD” was granted by the government to private printers on December 24 1901. The address was to be written on the right side and the left side was for writing messages. The early images were ‘full bleed,’ meaning that they went all the way to the edge of the card.

Until interested collectors take the time to construct guides to particular publishers, only the vaguest outline of trends can be given here.

Early cards tend to have little text, just the title for the picture, usually on the picture side, and the name of the publisher on the address side.

Earlier cards were called ‘Private Mailing Cards.’ Only the address was allowed to be written on the back of the card during Post Card Era. White borders were popularly introduced around 1915.

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