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Other breeds: Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, Chihuahuas, Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen, Standard Poodles, Pekingese 2. Bill Aston, Jeffrey Lynn Brucker, Ray Cataldi, Mary Anne Zanetos, Eddie Lyons, Augusta Buse 4.

Great Dane – harlequin Favorite: Ch Giant Steps Front Page News.

Excellent breed type, temperament, conformation, head, neck, shoulders, movement 5.

Council Parker, Estelle Cohen, Gerald Schwartz, and Bill Stebbins. The stature of a Great Dane is the most important attribute.

Bull Terriers, Akitas, Afghans; also a Pekingese and a Fox Terrier 2. Ralph Graff, Betty Matchett, Jane Chopson, Kathy Liebschutz, Ted and Judy Nichols, Diane Collings, Vince Mulligan 4. The movement true, and showmanship going around the ring. Poor temperaments, timidity, shyness, and tails tucked Back 1. Carriage, attitude, substance, overall correct outline.

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