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In addition, we will not comment on the situation at Fetlife or the decisions they have made.

Because tweets, replies, and such can be difficult to follow, I will repeat some tweets with key points in this post — with links to tweets in case you wish to share/participate on Twitter.

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In that vein, we are also changing the “Anything Goes” category name to “Extra Kinky.” You will see this change in the coming days. ” As you may already be aware, Fet Life was hit with a huge blow a few weeks ago and are currently unable to process credit cards (you can read more about that here).

In order to protect Nite Flirt, our Flirts, and our community as a whole, we have reevaluated our policies and decided to make some changes.

You’ll note we are prohibiting the popular terminology of “no taboos.” As many of you have pointed out, “no taboos” suggests that a Flirt is willing to violate our policies and therefore engage in content we do not permit (even if that is often not the intent).

By prohibiting this content, and other content that suggests you are willing to circumvent our policies, we make great strides in ensuring Nite Flirt remains a safe place for you to run your business and we minimize the requests for prohibited content that you receive from customers.

While I am quickly posting this news regarding NF, I am not part of the company itself; these opinions are my own.

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