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There is nothing gratifying or ego-boosting about it for them. When a man interacts with a woman, he fears sexual rejection and humiliation.

This is why men spend so much time and energy on defensive strategies or tactics (pickup lines) to protect themselves against rejection. When a woman interacts with a man, she isn’t scared of rejection.

They ate, drank, slept and groomed themselves – all solitary pursuits.

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She’s afraid of stalkers, rapist, creeps, weirdos, crazies, and losers. You head to one of the local clubs that you’ve heard has a lot of sexy men.

Imagine for the next minute that you are a young, attractive woman. You walk into the club and are overwhelmed by the sea of men. They are as big and fast as an NFL running back, as tall as an NBA player and as sexually aggressive as a felon who just got out of jail. But you’re also a woman, so you kind of like being desired. There is a big difference between the size and physical strength between a man and a woman.

Its also used in the matchmaker which attempts to find your match automatically.

Your lover, friend or future mate will be reading this and will make a judgement.

To women, your face and body are spewing indicators of your mental and physical health.

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