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Batchelder agreed: “Why would they ever send me out to do a pro-choice question?

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” [The art of punching down: How Trump fights back] CNN and other media outlets covered the striking exchange, which generated conversation online.

But Batchelder went to bed that night thinking her moment in the spotlight was over.

When Trump tweeted about Batchelder in October 2015, he had fewer than 5 million followers; he now has more than 17 million and has bragged that having a Twitter account is “like owning the New York Times without the losses.” Twitter has become Trump’s cyber-magic wand, allowing him to quickly act on a fleeting idea, a fit of anger or something he sees on television.

Now that he is the president-elect, the power of Trump’s tweets has only increased. So many reporters are dishonest.” For Batchelder, who studies history and gender studies at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, N. Five days before the election, she received a Facebook message that read: “Wishing I could f---ing punch you in the face.

“I didn’t really know what anyone was going to do,” said Batchelder, now 19, who has never discussed her experience with a reporter until now.

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