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Sometime ago, my cousin who lives in England, received an official correspondence from a professional organization that I am affiliated with, addressed to me, because I had used her address as a forwarding address.

It was a copy of a replacement certificate of membership which I had ordered from them at a cost off course.

I remember reading an edition of Island News where this 45 year old carpenter was arrested when neighbors caught him sleeping with his 12 year daughter, Can you believe that this brute tried to put up a defence?

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The part that irked me most was one of the rapist’s cry that “I regret everything because it has landed me in big trouble.

Unfortunately, my father is not alive to bail me out of this. Note that he does not regret the pain and anguish he had caused the rape victim.

Today, the name ‘Anini’ is the definitive word for thief or rogue or , the same way Indomie defines noodles, Maggi means all kinds of stock cubes, once it is blue detergent powder in Nigeria, it must be Omo (much to the chagrin of Elephant Blue Detergent).

Osunbor is just another Edo surname, confined to the subconscious of Nigerian people’s memories.

Some people do not even cut out their engine, when they come down to inspect a damage that was their fault.

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