2016 itemupdating

It’s out there and even gets you to the latest version of Share Point for free!

Microsoft has made some major investments in the platform to help you forget it’s been three years since the last major upgrade.

In some cases the before value (of moderation Status) is null, when it before value is 2 or pending it's OK, but when it's 3 or draft the before value is null..

just one example.public override void Item Updating(SPItem Event Properties properties) { if (properties. = null) { SPModeration Status Type after = (SPModeration Status Type)int.

1) After Properties will be NULL when Item Updating event is called because of a code-update to list: This is something that is not documented, and lead me into a lot of trouble: Consider this scenario: My Share Point list had a column named “Email”.

But, when the list is being updated by code, and the code does not update the “Email” (for example, the code just updates “First Name” in the list) then properties. To String() will have the correct look up value like “3;#karthik”, but the value of properties. To String() will have only “3” (just the look up ID).

use some calculated columns Java Script to apply conditional formatting to the row).

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