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As strong as David’s faith was, he knew he tended toward complacency, and that a non-Christian partner would make it easy for him to disengage from church.

For Constantino, he felt a calling toward ministry of some kind, and saw his marriage playing an instrumental role in it.

Love is, of course, important, but sharing the same worldview and faith is a very big deal.

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What was a secret was that I was going to church on my own by choice under his nose.

What was also a secret was the amount of time I spent feeling guilty about choosing my mom’s religion over my dad’s.

On the flip side, we have Christian friends who have married other Christians and have seen no spiritual edification from it.

A partner disengaged and uninterested in faith is of no use, even if he or she professes to be a Christian.

Once safely outside, there was only one thing left to do—jump over the back fence and borrow the car so I could go to church without anybody seeing me. All because my parents don’t share the same religion.

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