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Owens then said that Goldberg would not run through him at Fastlane like he’s done all of his foes from the past because he will wrestle at his own pace, not at Goldberg’s.

He went on to say that he would outsmart Goldberg at Fastlane because he knows how to “play the game better than anyone else.” When it came time to explain why he turned on his best friend, Chris Jericho, last week Owens said nothing.

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A man that is already at the level of notoriety that Owens hopes to be at one day is Lesnar, and he had a talking segment of his own Monday night.

Instead of being in the ring, however, Lesnar was backstage with his advocate Paul Heyman for a sit-down interview with Michael Cole.

Now, I’m not advocating for guys the likes of Strowman and Big Show to be doing kip ups and chain wrestling, which was what they did Monday night.

With that said, it was impressive to see a man in Strowman that weighs a biscuit or two shy of 400 pounds kip up with ease.

With camera fixed mostly on Lesnar’s scowl, Heyman said that if Goldberg were to defeat Owens for the WWE Universal championship at Fastlane and walk into Wrestle Mania with the title, it would be another thing added to the long list of things he would be taking away from Goldberg, along with his “health, well-being, reputation, legacy and career.” I don’t think this was quite as good as Owens’ segment earlier in the show, but I’ll give WWE extra credit for shaking up the formula a little bit.

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