Lonely dating service dating on the down low

Those factors combined put the industry in a zone of pain. Scroll down or click on these links: Seafóid #1: Pig-Ham (or go straight to Zazzle!

I’m sensing a cross-over between our Irish and grad school themes, but then my brain’s never been the same since higher education. Well, you could ask, but I suspect he would just point at the image and tell you it speaks for him.

Robot makers have been hit by a double whammy: A recession-inflicted downturn in consumer spending and a lack of mainstream acceptance of robots by American consumers.

) Seafóid #3: Candy Bar-Lunch (or go straight to Zazzle! the not-so-new shirts) The Lonely Robot (or go straight to Zazzle!

) means “nonsense” in Irish, and when you see the designs you’ll know why. ) Ignoring Better Advice (or go straight to Zazzle!

(And fer cryin’ out loud, let’s be REALLY careful not to confuse oxytocin and Oxy Contin!

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