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Non-purified (40%) PS has been used and studied as a nutritional supplement and as a component that has a beneficial effect on enhancing the brain functions in elderly people (Villardita C et al., Clin. As previously disclosed in WO 03/082209, NSPS does not form cochleates and that a purification process is needed to enhance the NSPS in the content of PS, until at least about 75 % by weight of PS is reached, such percentage allowing the formation of cochleates.

Cochleate preparations have been shown to be stable for more than two years at 4° C in a cation- containing buffer, and at least one year as a lyophilized powder at room temperature.

Cochleates can be prepared by several methods, such as trapping or hydrogel methods (International Application Publication No.

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Cochleates can be stored in cation-containing buffer, or lyophilized to a powder, stored at room temperature, and reconstituted with liquid prior to administration.

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