Dating lamp lava

1971 USA lamps with bottle caps have the date they were manufactured printed on the cap. 2002 model; the big 29 is the globe wax and liquid combo (see color chart below). caps usually had a different way the caps were coded - they added extra digits or letters to the codes due to different production lines and product codes.

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These original designs, issued regularly by the Lava Lamp company, come with a certificate of authenticity and are available for a limited time only.

Used in a room along with other fun designs from our party lights collection, Lava lamps are a perfect way to bring fun look into your home.

Fitz Roy rose to prominence in 19th Century England as the captain of the HMS , sailing through South America as the scientist Charles Darwin wrote down notes about the evolutionary differences between animals.

Fitz Roy was doing some meticulous note-keeping of his own, marking down weather patterns.

The iconic lava lamp was invented at the cusp of the swinging '60s by English accountant Edward Craven Walker.

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