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Code of Medical Ethics Indonesia (KODEKI): Since the beginning of human history, has been known relationship of trust between two human beings that is the healer and patient.

In modern times, this relationship is called a transaction or contract between doctor and patient therapeutic.

claimed no more trauma to a relationship with a man.

Despite claims just want to get serious in the world model, it does not mean she did not want to spread its wings into the acting world.

She also had a couple of times to get an offer to play soap operas and movies.

Various acting bid for several television movies have also been frequently approached. And do not want to undergo her new world with all the methods. "Because I just want to get serious in the modeling world, but that does not mean have to justify all sorts of ways such as must accept the role and shooting to be vulgar," she said.

However, she largely rejected for one reason or another.. Indonesia-Japan-blooded girl, started her career as a model recognized by accident.

In Indonesia, the code of conduct based on reasonable medical ethics and norms that govern human relationships, that fundamental principle contained in the philosophy of Pancasila, as the foundation idiil and the 1945 Constitution as a structural basis. Each physician should keep in mind the obligation to protect human beings live. Each physician must be sincere and use all the knowledge and skills for the benefit of patients. Groups of social workers are looking for inlbrmasi about past history of individual, family background, social status, and general conditions of society.

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