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Next time your kids complain about school tell them Afghan children go to school six days a week. (the dried fruit of the oleaster tree), pistachio, dried apricot, and dried apple.Our Haft Mawa recipe is very flexible, we have formed it around what one can find at Trader Joe's a popular American grocery store.You can imagine how sorry I am for missing this wonderful opportunity.

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Afghan refugees around the world organize Nwas always bittersweet because while I loved the food and the festivals, it also signaled the start of the school year.

In Afghanistan children go to school from March to November, Saturday to Thursday.

People ask me about Afghan culture, customs and traditions all the time.

I sometimes find it hard to answer such questions in a simple way.

It reminded me of seeing so many successful and powerful black males — politicians, businessmen, entertainers — who appeared alongside lighter-skinned, sometimes white female companions. It wasn't for me, so I either outright rejected black men or begrudgingly went on dates with them only to write them off well before the dessert course arrived.

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