Updating distribution list

But what happens when the group owner is unavailable; either temporarily, such as vacation, or permanently, transferring to another department or leaving the company.This can create both management and security problems as the group may stagnate for lack of a responsible owner.

This ensures accuracy while eliminating performance concerns.

Queries can be simple or complex and include the option to specify an external data source for criteria, such as an HR database.

However, these queries can place a serious performance load on the Active Directory and Exchange servers and there is no way to audit group lists to determine whether the automation is working or not.

: With Ensim Group Manager, group members are automatically added or deleted on a scheduled basis using defined query criteria.

Automatic expiration can also be configured to send an email to the group owner after a predetermined period of inactivity, advising that deletion of the group will take place automatically by a certain date if no response is received.

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