Dating a guy with a baby mama

e keeps his interactions with her a “secret” One clear sign on the makings of a great relationship is having open and honest communication with your man.

So if you find yourself having to guess, wonder or question him about the time that he spends with his kids, then chances are that there is a breakdown in communication in your relationship and I would urge you need to get to the bottom of it pronto.

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Not allowing you to ride along is an indication that he is hiding you from her or vice versa, her from you.

Whatever the case may be, there is a reason why he doesn’t want the two of you crossing paths.

Some men I’ve talked with about this very issue will say that keeping both women at opposite ends presents less drama this way.

But let’s be real—if all parties are rational adults and assuming that he has been honest with everyone involved about their respective role in his life then why would there be any drama?

Why the late night calls that erupt into arguments?

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