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believe it or not there are a lot of these girls everywhere in the world.

or you could easily find them in addis ababa thier hometown. because it shows that you have a different culure and that is a big turn off. Dont ask for any type of thing, like girl shake that ass, say that infornt of ethiopian girl, you get slapped.

the thing you should know is ethiopian girls are not easy or shall i say bitchy as a western girl. you cant go and ask a girl from addis to suck your dick, it will never work. unless you accidentally hit on a bitchy outcast girl, many or 99 percent of them will never appreciate you buying them a drink, or showing off your car, fitness or anything. you dont want to ask for things like sucking your cock, or rubbing her ethiopian pussy, etc...

because these girls came from a culutre where they get to do all the house work and nurture the whole family. because those are considered very nasty satanic things to do in ethiopian culure.

The average lows are between 11°C (51°F) and 14°C (58°F). Temperatures and climate can vary due to elevation.

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