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It's simple but effective: Tinder's right and left swiping function is now the blueprint for most dating apps.It’s estimated that well over 50 million use Tinder every month, and over half are men.

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Spinning the Bottle Women are profoundly sensual and sexual creatures, just as much as men.

Yet somehow the idea that a woman in a committed relationship might have physical urges that she wants satisfied elsewhere, especially if her current man isn’t quite, shall we say, up for the job, always seems to catch people by surprise. Of course, our cultural stereotypes tell us that it’s most often males who are cheating on the women in their lives rather than vice versa, but current research reveals that in truth nearly as many women cheat as men.

Tech-Sex Once upon a time infidelity partners were limited to your circle of friends and neighbors, and people you met via work, at a party, in a bar, or at a swingers club.

Today, however, the playing field is - thanks to digital technology - quite literally endless.

And if the digital connections they find come with an element of sexual stimulation, so be it.

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