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Библиотека материалов 9 grade Progress test 1 (Unit I, II) I. Listening. Listen to the text only once. Choose the right answer. 1. What is aspirin? a) Dreadful drug b) The dangerous drug c) One of the safest and most effective drugs ever invented 2. Why is aspirin called the 20th century wonder drug? a) Only aspirin can help when you have a headache. b) Aspirin helps in many cases when you don’t feel well. c) Aspirin can help to cure children of drug poisoning. 3. How does aspirin work? a) It works against chemical processes that cause pain and fever. b) It helps to drop the body’s temperature if taken in a small quantity. c) It slows down all processes in a human organism which is ill. 4. What is bad about aspirin? a) It’s very hard and difficult to chew. b) It must always be taken with milk. c) It can make your stomach hurt. 5. What is the best way of taking aspirin? a) to chew tablets before swallowing them with water b) to crush the tablets in milk and then drink c) to drink it with juice

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Keys to test

I. Listening

1. b

2. a

3. c

4. a

5. a

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