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GA READINGTask 1. Read the text about Nick and answer the questions.TESNick drinks water every day. He also washes his face,brushes his teeth and takes a shower every day.On Tuesday, Nick and his mother cook dinner and washdishes. On Wednesday, Nick helps his father water thegarden. On Friday, Nick helps his baby brother to bathe. Hisbaby brother likes to play in the bath.On Sunday Nick goes to the swimming pool with hisfriends.DESONEN2WISESeSEEX1. What does Nick drink every day?2. What does Nick do with his mother?sa o wieleiding3. What does Nick do on Wednesday?SSSASSS4. Where does Nick's brother like to play?ARANSSSSSNOSs. Where does Nick go with his friends?SUSOSbavaKA​

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