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I am in the 7th class and I don't have much free _

Every day I have 5-6 lessons. And after school, I go

to _

_ volleyball. In addition, I study English twice a week. In the evenings I do my homework. I have some time to

rest only on weekends.

Meeting friends is my favourite pastime. We go to the park, ride bicycles or _

_ at the shopping centre.

Once a month we go to the cinema. After the movie, we usually have lunch _

My favorite writer is Joan Rowling.

When the weather is bad I watch my favorite TV shows or read …

She wrote the best book in the world - Harry Potter. I have already read this book in translation, now I'm trying to read it in

English. And, of course, I like _

_ with friends.

Sometimes I spend time with my parents. We walk in the park or visit my grandparents in the village where we

help them do the _

… I like to play _

_ games with them like Mafia, Monopoly or playing cards. It is the best

activity, I think.

surf, gardening, chatting, outdoors, rent, books, hang out, time, play, board
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